Fraud emails being circulated by the hackers / thugs

 Now a days many scam / fraud emails being circulated by the hackers / thugs. We really hate to see you as a victim.

  1. Please never give-out your original email address with Password if someone asking you to view the order or payment detail unless received from authenticated person.
  2. Try to open Zip / Rar Files only from the Authenticated Senders.
  3. If you are not in addressee “to”  filed and there is an attachment file in Zip / Rar format calling “order” “new order” “payment” “your payment” etc, please avoid to open these type of files, most of the time these files contains serious harmful viruses for your computer and privacy.
  4. Try to use an antivirus which regularly monitor the system files and immediately take action if any dangerous file find in the system. There are some paid and free antivirus in the internet market, however you can try Avast Antivirus
  5. If receive an email saying your mailbox limit exceeded and take action, please do not take any action and immediately contact your Domain/Server Services provider and get the updates.

We sincerely want to see our industry blossoming at rapid pace.