Workshop on Electronic & Social Media Marketing

Dr. Mariam Nouman, Chairperson Committee thanked and welcomed Mr. Hassan Shahid (Speaker) to provide his services for sharing knowledge regarding above mentioned subject. She shared the details of professional profile of the Speakers and appreciated him for working as the Chapter Director for Startup Grind, a programme for entrepreneurs and businesses, powered by Google under the category of Google for Entrepreneurs. She said that trade bodies should take steps to encourage “women entrepreneurship” and must provide awareness about different dynamics of business to women entrepreneurs. She said that business through Social Media was suitable for females and even more popular among them. She told that Sialkot was known all over the world as one of the leading industrial cities of Pakistan and contributed greatly to our country’s economy. She said that she represented the women entrepreneurs of Sialkot through the SCCI platform; and explained that SCCI Departmental Committee on Women Entrepreneur (WEC) was always committed to serve women entrepreneurs of Sialkot, and worked with a number of organizations, government and non-government agencies to provide relevant and helpful knowledge and resources to our members through workshops, informational seminars and institutional liaisons. She believed that the Industry of Sialkot could benefit from the potential of female entrepreneurs and she assured that such awareness sessions would be conducted in future as well.

Mr. Zahid Latiof Malik, President SCCI thanked the Chairperson for inviting him in the seminar arranged for female members of SCCI. He appreciated WEC and Dr. Mariam Nouman Committee Chairperson for her commendable services to encourage women entrepreneurship and to make efforts for their empowerment. He assured that fullest support would extend to WEC in order to boost up the morale of SCCI Female Members and encourage the committee working. He hoped that such activities to train the members would arrange in future as well.