Chairperson Message


Over the years, Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has without question established itself as a dynamic organization that has very effectively worked towards the betterment of not only the Sialkot industry but also the city’s community.  Sialkot is now known all over the world as one of the leading industrial cities of Pakistan and contributes greatly to our country’s economy. I feel very proud and honored to represent the women entrepreneurs of Sialkot through the SCCI platform.  

The Departmental Committee on Women Entrepreneur (WEC) is committed to serve all women entrepreneurs of Sialkot.  In this day and age, no economy can succeed without active participation of women in all sectors.  The Committee (WEC) believes in creating an environment that is conducive to working women at every level.  Our foremost goal is to increase women participation in the commercial sector as it is important to our country’s economic success.  WEC is dedicated to assisting existing as well as potential women entrepreneurs in establishing successful businesses.  We work with a number of government and non-government agencies to provide relevant and helpful knowledge and resources to our members through workshops, informational seminars and institutional liaisons.

I encourage and welcome women who are already engaged in any business as well as those planning to start a new venture to join us.  We at WEC will make every effort to help find solutions to all problems faced by the women entrepreneurial community of Sialkot.  It is my belief that together we can make huge strides towards making women of Sialkot just as successful as their male counterparts in the commercial sector and a major contributor to our national economy. 

Thanking You.


Dr. Mariam Nouman

Chairperson WRC

The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry