Objectives of WRC

    Primary Objectives

Ø  To increase the membership of women entrepreneurs in the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Ø  To provide networking and training opportunities to existing women members.

Ø  To develop networking tools such as website for women members and a directory.

Ø  To facilitate the women entrepreneurs in promotion of their business by persuading to participate in international trade fairs and delegation.

Other objectives

Ø  To encourage and support the female entrepreneurs to apply & register their firms for the WRC Committee membership.

Ø  Provide complete guidelines for starting new business, new market trends and to guide women regarding import and export business.

Ø  Provide assistance to register their businesses with Sialkot chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Ø  To organize events such as Exhibitions, educational seminars / workshops to educate female business community and to help them in enhancing their exposure, for capacity building and raising awareness amongst women.

Ø  To provide assistance in developing the spirit of entrepreneurship among women.

Ø  Provide timely information regarding the different opportunities to participate in different delegations, conferences, workshops and forums arranged or promoted at national and international level.

Ø  Enhance positive change in the community towards the role of women in business.

Ø  To create and provide environment that is encouraging for the development of women entrepreneurs in Sialkot.

Ø  To provide a forum for local female entrepreneurs where they can discuss, debate and resolve issues pertinent to their respective businesses.

Ø  To help women entrepreneurs in establishing and consequently expanding their business at national as well as international level.

Ø  To equip women entrepreneurs with required information about the industry, work skills and market demand.

Ø  To develop a network with different local, national and international organization, for coordination to build healthy liaison between the different organization and female business community.